Welcome To Living With Dan

I used to be a runner, hang on a minute, I still am a runner, I’m just not that interested in the sport as much as I used to be. This blog used to be runningwithdan.com, it’s now livingwithdan.com because I choose for it to be. It’s about life, living everyday is a challenge especially if you have Aspergers like I do, so I want to document it, every single part of my life journey. Here’s a picture of me with my thumbs up…

P.S Do you like my Strangers Things top?

I’m still going to be talking about running, when I choose to do a run of course, it’s just going to be a little less. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying running is not important, of course it is. It’s exercise, it’s getting your heart rate to the max, it’s making you feel like you can do anything, but unfortunately running has become too much for me. Instead of looking at this as a negative, I’m thinking of this as a positive and re-designing my blog, instead of this page becoming redundant, it’s going to be a page full of life so when I’m no longer here you’ll see my life as a true inspiration, after all this is livingwithdan.com.

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