People, Places, Memories

“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.”

Take a look above, I think that’s a fantastic quote, I’m not sure who said it but it’s sums up life on the whole. People, places, memories, they’re the three things that make our life and it’s something I want to go a little deeper with on my blog.

People – The first thing that I want to explore is the people in my life who’ve made me. The first person I want to talk about is my Mum she’s an inspiration to me, everyday I look up to her, we’ve been through very similar experiences and we’ve faced them together. She’s supported me before and after I was diagnosed with Aspergers, in fact she was the one who pushed was diagnoses back when I was 18. Believe it or not, they thought I just had OCD but I did a spectrum test and was diagnosed. My Mum helps me get through the days, when I’m struggling, I feel I can turn to her for help and support.

“Me with my family”

My Mum isn’t the only one who I can turn to, I have my sister, Charlotte who’s always been on hand. I get on with Sister the most out of all my siblings, we’re like friends. We went to Universal Studios together and that was the first time I went away on my own, well without my Mum or Dad, except for school trips of course. That’s not all I have a strong friend base, Kirsty, Alex, Richard, Paul, Mark, Ian, Kate, you guys know who you are. Overall, it’s my family that make me the person who I am today.

Places – The second thing I want to talk about is the places I’ve been, now I’m only 30 but I’ve been to some incredible places. I’ve been to Universal Studios in Orlando with my sister, I’ve been to Las Vegas with my Dad, I went on a cruise to Rome, Pisa, Florence, Corsica, Monaco & Ibiza with my Dad. These were some incredible places, I want to tell you more about them in further blog posts.

“At M & M’s World in Vegas”

Memories – I have so many memories, from holidays to starting school to going to University. Everyday is a challenge for me, but it’s the way I’m growing stronger and stronger each day that’s making my memories. I think my most memorable memory is leaving home and going to University or passing my driving test for the first time. I could even put it in the pot going into a shop for the first time. These are huge achievements but how can you pick one memory when every memory is so special.

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