I Will Walk 500 Miles

I’m finding running really, really tough at the moment, the furthest I’ve ran is 4 miles. I seem to get a pain in my shins the further I run, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve put on weight or not but it hurts a lot when I run. Ultimately, I need my running mojo back…

It’s Time For A New Challenge

I’ve decided to set myself a new challenge, to walk at least 1 mile a day. If I do this, I’ll be walking at least 7 miles a week which ultimately equates to a lot of walking. I’ll still run from time to time and on the days I don’t feel like it, I’ll turning running into walking. By doing this, I’m likely to lose weight which will help me get that running stride back, causing me less pain in my shins.

You see what I need at the minute is light exercise, I’ve put on so much weight over lockdown that my body needs to be adapted slowly to gruelling hard focused exercise, like running. Running is harsh on the body so I don’t want push it too much. If I go out and run a half marathon I don’t know how much damage I will do to myself so I have to be kind to myself, walking is the key.

I’m feeling like this blog should be called walkingwithdan.com instead of runningwithdan.com but I know that it’s only temporary. Anyway, my challenge starts from today, Tuesday 1st March, wish me luck!

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