Welcome to my blog, Living With Dan.

I have Aspergers Syndrome, every day is a challenge for me, follow my journey here & on social media.

“An inspiration to us all.”

“Dan, I see you out running every week, we love you.”

“Everyone should follow in your footsteps.”

  • Anxiety, Anxiety, Anxiety

    Anxiety, Anxiety, Anxiety

    I’m sat here starting to write this blog post with snow hammering down outside, I’m feeling anxious as anything as I know I have to go out in it today. I’m worried the snow will start settling meaning it makes it difficult to drive, I’m worried there could be something wrong with the car as…

  • Walking For Wellbeing

    Walking For Wellbeing

    How many steps do you do in a day? How often do you get out in the fresh air? How often do you say to yourself “I’m going for a walk”? These questions are so, so important, walking or just simply getting out in the fresh air is so, so important especially if you’re struggling…

  • Through My Autistic Eyes

    Through My Autistic Eyes

    I was once going to write a book called “In My Eyes”, this was going to explore the difficulties I have living with Aspergers or autism for that matter. I wanted to go deeper into this and explore what I’m really thinking in certain difficult scenarios as an autistic person. Instead of masking the situation,…