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I have Aspergers Syndrome, every day is a challenge for me, follow my journey here & on social media.

“An inspiration to us all.”

“Dan, I see you out running every week, we love you.”

“Everyone should follow in your footsteps.”

  • Expecto Patronum!

    Expecto Patronum!

    If you’re not aware, expecto patronum is a spell used in Harry Potter. The spell releases an animal to protect you from harm from horrible creatures like Dementors. When Harry casts his patronum, it releases a beautiful ultra blue stag. Anyway, why am I waffling on like a Harry Potter nerd? Well, I’ve gone and…

  • A Little Bit Of Spinning

    A Little Bit Of Spinning

    Now when I say spinning I don’t mean, standing up, putting your arms out like you’re flying and spinning around and around until you fall down. No, when I say spinning, I’m referring to the exercise class where everyone rides a bike and is told to stand up or sit down. I went to one…

  • I Don’t Give A F*CK

    I Don’t Give A F*CK

    Okay let me get something straight, I don’t often swear, well I don’t actually swear at all, in fact my Mum washed my mouth out with soap once, when I was younger for swearing but I don’t hate her for that, in fact it’s made me a better person today. So why have I swore…