A Little Bit Of Spinning

Now when I say spinning I don’t mean, standing up, putting your arms out like you’re flying and spinning around and around until you fall down. No, when I say spinning, I’m referring to the exercise class where everyone rides a bike and is told to stand up or sit down. I went to one of these spin classes with my friend and guess what, I enjoyed it. I was very anxious before going down to the class as I’ve never been to a gym class but I did it, I went with my friend and cycled a whopping 16 miles!

I was very anxious about putting my stuff in the locker, see at the gym I go to, you need a padlock and I was nervous my padlock wouldn’t work and I’d be stranded at the gym forever and forever until I die. That’s not all, I get extreme anxiety over parking and worry that I won’t be able to park when I get to the gym. I always look to the worst possible scenario but of course that didn’t happen, I got home okay and was able to continue with my day.

“At times, extreme anxiety is so hard combat.”

It was so nice having a friend to go with me as most of the time I’m on my own due to my Aspergers and finding it difficult to make friends. My friend reassured me that I’d enjoy it, I trust his words and he was right. He also helped me put my stuff in the locker and fit correctly into the bike. See the bikes we went on were no ordinary bikes, they’re bikes with grips to keep your feet in and even have a brake to slow you down.

During the class, we were told to speed up or slow down, stand up or sit down and reduce the intensity or not. I found the class quite hard but it was good as I was burning calories. Anyway, looking at the overall picture, the good news is that I’m exercising again, I’m hoping to lose a little bit of weight, not too much but a little bit to keep me from going into a 10xl t-shirt. I’m also trying to keep away from… oooh doughnuts!

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