Now That’s A Challenge

Things have been difficult for me lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m not up for a challenge. Yes, this challenge is a tough one, it’s to do 100 squats a day, everyday in February all for one amazing charity, Teenage Cancer Trust. I know this will benefit my running too as I’ll develop stronger hamstrings and glutes which will help power my runs. It’s going to be difficult though as 100 squats a day is going to hurt a lot, I mean a lot, but I’ll get through the challenge, it’s just getting in the right mindset. I’ll also be posting videos of my challenge everyday so please don’t forget to donate.

Please donate and give everything you can on my JustGiving page.

As well as squatting, I’ll be focusing on getting back into my running. I’m increasing my mileage each week to slowly get back into it. Yesterday I ran 4 miles, the bottom of my right foot starts hurting a bit whilst I’m running and I don’t know why, I get pins and needles in that area too, it might just be where I need to go longer distance to build up strength in that area. It’s not the shoes I’m wearing either as I’ve ran in them before and been okay.

Thirdly, I’m hoping to do a blog about my running each week from now on. is back and hopefully on a weekly basis from now on. Just a reminder, please donate on my JustGiving page by clicking here and thank you so much for your donations!

One response to “Now That’s A Challenge”

  1. It’s great to have you back, Dan! I look forward to reading your weekly running updates. I have been struggling with my running too, as of late. I plan to go for a 5-miler today. Enjoy those 100 squats a day. Ouch!


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