My Journey Back Into Running

If someone said to you go and run 10k, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you, just go and run, could you? Well that’s what I just did, I simply went out and ran the distance, I mean it took me 1 hour and 16 minutes but that doesn’t matter, I went out and did it and completed the distance. I thoroughly believe if you put your mind to something you can do it, no matter how hard it maybe. Even if it’s a marathon, I could have ran the distance, it’s simply a matter of belief.

Having Aspergers syndrome I do this everyday, I simply put my mind to something and I do it. For example, imagine having to prepare every single conversation you have, that’s what I have to do on a daily basis, I have to prepare when I talk to someone, yes there’s the odd um, that’s because my brain’s thinking about what to say next. That’s what I mean when I say you can do anything if you believe, having Aspergers if I didn’t take this attitude I’d be stuck.

I’ve got to be honest I’ve not been running as much lately, so I’m pretty much a newbie runner so going out their and running a 10k wasn’t easy. I could feel my legs getting tired a lot and keeping them moving felt draining. I need to work on running more regularly, this way my pace will increase and body will get used to pounding the road again. You wouldn’t have thought I used to run at an average of 7.30 per mile. My PB for a half marathon is 1 hour. 37 minutes for a marathon it’s 3 hours 44 minutes. I mean I look back now and think how on earth did I run at that speed, but I will eventually get back to where I was.

I think I’m going to sign up to a monthly challenge which will encourage me to go out and run more regularly, maybe in December I’ll do Run Up To Christmas again, I may even do this for charity. I’m also going to try and get a blog on here every week to keep you up to date with my running journey. Anyway, over and out for this week…

2 responses to “My Journey Back Into Running”

  1. Thank you, Dan. As a fellow runner, I enjoy your posts. Two months ago I was working up to a Half Marathon when I sprained my knees. It took three weeks of rest before I could run again. Now, I am slower than before, but still running. I plan to run 10 K today. I will let you know my time. PS. I’ll be lucky to come close to your time. Blessings. David

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  2. Here’s my time for today’s Running 🏃‍♂️ with Dan 10K: 56:29.
    I sprained my right knee about a month ago, so this is not bad. My PB is 53 minutes.

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