What Is Belief?

I think belief is something people need more of in society, many people go about there daily lives and don’t tend to push themselves. It was only last January I was at the National Running Show and Steve Cram was talking, he was saying that he didn’t just become a runner just like that, he had to believe it was possible. It’s like that song “I Believe I Can Fly”. R Kelly’s talking about flying metaphorically, he’s saying if you believe you can do something, it’s truly possible.

When I first started running back in October 2018 I was overweight, I hadn’t ran in over 8 years but I believed it was possible that I could get back into running. I ended up running at a pace of nearly 7.10 per mile, my best half marathon is 1 hour 37 minutes and my best marathon 3 hours 44 minutes. I believed it was possible to become a superb runner. Since then, I’ve slowed down massively due to getting ill but that belief is still there. I now run at a pace of 9.40 per mile. I’m struggling at the minute with pins and needles I keep getting in my right foot, but I’m continuously believing that it will go, if it doesn’t I run through the pins and needles and hope it goes. That’s belief at it’s best. If you believe in something, whether it’s to do with running, your mental health, a new years resolution or a new aim, it’s entirely possible, you just need to get in that right mental zone and believe. Another example, is my squats challenge, 100 squats a day sounds a lot, but I’m believing it’s possible and if I do that, I will come through even stronger.

Thank you to everyone who’s donated so far towards my challenge. Please keep donating on my fundraising page.

One response to “What Is Belief?”

  1. I remember when I signed up for my first event back in 2016. 10K seemed like going to the moon. But I followed a training schedule, and finished in a 9.37 per mile pace. The next year I set my sights on the Half, which might as well been the planet Mars! But I put in the training and finished in under two hours (1.58.07). It seemed impossible-after how I felt at the end of that race-for me to go much farther. However, in 2018 I finished my first a Marathon at age 50.
    My point is: believe things are possible, but take it little by little. Success begets success.
    Running has taught me, that at any age, you can usually do a whole lot more than you think.
    All the best to you, Dan—both in the running, and with your fund raising challenge.
    David, in the USA 🇺🇸


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