Heaving Rain Outside, Why Not Go For A Run

Not many people could go to bed with bad anxiety, get up at 6am and go for a 15 mile in lashing down heavy rain. I’ve just come back from one of the toughest run in my life. When I say tough, I mean mentally tough.

When people says running is physical and not mental I can prove to you right now, the mental side of running is huge. Last week I ran the same run I did this morning, I ran it 10 minutes faster and felt fresher, this week I run it 10 minutes slower, so what’s changed, the MIND. I’m not bothered of time I just wanted to show you the importance of it within the sport.

Anyway my run was cold, it was wet, it was mentally tough. I tried not to put too much pressure on myself, every time I faced a hill climb I slowed down, I remember on mile 10 focusing on the water running down the hill, it felt so relaxing, without even realising I was climbing a hill. Then I started struggling, I said to myself “when I hit that lamppost I’m turning back and I’ll settle for a 11 mile run”, I didn’t turn back.

“Keep believing, keep running and most importantly, never give up.”

In fact I kept on running, I kept on going and ended up running 15 miles. Wet, cold, windy conditions are hard when you’re in the right frame of mind let alone struggling with anxiety. I’m so proud of myself for getting out their and running this morning, I’ve often said to get me on that SAS Who Dares Wins, I mean I wouldn’t want to actually go into the SAS but I certainly have the right mindset. Keep believing, keep running and most importantly, never give up everyone.

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