Anxiety: It’s All About The Feeling

There’s got to be plenty of people like me with Aspergers or High Functioning Autism who’ve had anxiety but only to a certain level. I used to get anxious but only to the extent that it made me nervous or shy, especially in social situations. This time it’s completely different. With all the coronavirus news, you may wondering what’s wrong with you, I certainly did, but I’m learning how to deal with my anxiety everyday. One thing I’m going to talk to you about is FEELING and how important it is to adapt your body to feeling.

Take It Easy, Connect With The World

Me In Corisca, The Air Up Here Was So Fresh And Pure, Would Be Amazing To Breath

Feeling is so, so important, conduct your life to how you feel rather than pressure yourself to do something you simply cannot do at the minute. For example, I usually plank and walking plank every morning, this morning I tried it, it made me incredibly anxious so I stopped. I didn’t carry on. Instead, I did some Yoga poses on YouTube that’s good for anxiety, nice and easy yoga poses with some amazing feelings to it, no pressure, just relaxation. At the minute, I have every single emotion under the sun, I cry at everything, I’ve never shed a tear in my life before this happened.

Personal Connection

At the minute my imagination is amazing, check out my previous blog of a run I went on yesterday, literally it was magic. Start using your senses a lot more, so when you eat, take your time to focus on every single bite, when you drink, drink as slowly as you can, make sure you get plenty of water by the way, you’ll feel it go down your throat right into your stomach. As well as this, think about breathing, breathing has never been so important to me right now, inhale and then exhale, slowly, I’ll write another blog on breathing techniques soon, when I FEEL like it.

As I sit here now, I’m writing this with ocean sounds playing in the background keeping me calm. Water seems to be my personal connection, I love listening to oceans, creeks, lakes, rain falling (love the feeling of being inside whilst someone could be getting soaked, LOL). This is what you need to be focusing on, this will help relive your anxiety as it comes it waves and waves, I know it’s horrible but we will get through this, we will succeed because anything is possible.

One response to “Anxiety: It’s All About The Feeling”

  1. That was good to read. Well done so proud of what you have achieved. Keep up the good work


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