Living A Week With Anxiety

The days are so, so, long but I’ve already won half the battle. I can do this I know I can, I’m going to account my first week with anxiety and the battle I’ve been through to help those of you suffering, just like me. Big hugs, Dan.

Me Working Downstairs, Got The Tunes Playing Through My Aftershockz

The Weekend

Think this was the longest weekend of my life, to be honest it felt more like a month. Sunday was particularly bad, I completely lost it and got so anxious, I just lied there, clenching my stress ball, a.k.a red nose in agony. I’ve been waking up at 4am every morning and just lying there listening to lake and seagull sounds/meditation music. I’m slowly getting better sleep now and I’m controlling my anxiety much better. I went into Monday thinking, how on earth was I going to manage my job, I was all over the place, well this is how I have?

Monday Morning

Monday morning was, well to be honest awful, I got anxious everytime I started a bit of work. My subconscious mind was making me anxious everytime I felt a bit of pressure. So I thought, how do I combat this, how do i convince my mind that it’s okay to work, that there’s nothing to fear, that there’s no need to be scared? Well here’s how.

The Power Of Music

Music has saved my life this week, I’ve literally stuck my Aftershockz in and just focused on my work, yes okay I’ve had to close my eyes and just absorb the music a lot this week and literally turn my mind into a positive. I’ve literally danced my way to a fully productive working week. That’s allowed me to focus on work and trick it into believing everything is safe, there’s nothing to fear. I never thought Harry Styles, a.k.a the one from One Direction, would feel so amazing, love his track “Cherry” I could feel it ripple down my spine.

My Memory

My brain has reset, so I need to take it slow. On Wednesday, I made some sandwiches for my family and started getting anxious because I couldn’t remember how many people I was making them for. So how have I managed to work, well I’ve given myself less pressure. I’ve treated myself as a child, giving me one task at a time to focus on, by doing this I become less anxious but at the same time I’m just as productive. Today, I’ve even found myself to be more productive as I’m not swapping and changing between tasks, although I literally had no energy once I finished and could barely walk, struggled to lift a knife and fork to eat too.

I know my battles half won, keep believing guys, we’ve got this… πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ‘Š

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