Pushing Myself To The Limit

Ever trained so hard you feel like everything has drained out of you? Ever trained so hard your eyesight starts to go? Ever trained so hard you feel sick you just don’t want to eat? I have, it’s a horrible place and to tell you the truth it’s the reason why I’m able to run at the pace I do. It’s amazing to think, in just three years I’ve gone from running a 14 minute mile run to a 7.30 minute mile run, when you think about it, three years is not that long but it’s my desire to succeed that’s led me to get where I am today.

I’ve Made Mistakes

Starting out running isn’t easy especially when you’re carrying 18 stone. Every runner makes mistakes when they first start out and I’m not afraid to admit I did. Firstly I over trained, which resulted in me getting multiple injuries and being sidelined for a lot of the time, secondly I trained through these injuries which didn’t help and only made them worse, thirdly I didn’t do any strength training which is really helping me now and fourthly I needed to rest, I was going to the gym far too much, I needed to give myself a break. If I could go back I would but ultimately every runner has to start somewhere.

It’s A Dark, Dark Place

As much as I’m encouraging you to push yourself, get outside your comfort zone and break barriers I also want to make sure you’re aware of your limits. I’m sure every athlete has been there, when they are just about to faint, pushing themselves to the brink. I have, there’s been plenty of times when I’ve finished training and my eyesight has started to go, not recently though I’m pleased to say. I remember when I was playing football down the field when I was younger I was crossing the road and my eyesight went, this was obviously due to dehydration but it’s also because I was focusing on the task in hand, whether it be running or a workout and not hydrating.

Ultimately my message to you if you’re a new or experienced runner, go for it, push yourself to the limit but listen to your body, don’t over train and most importantly believe in yourself.

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