Running Warwick Half Marathon

Congratulations everyone, we did it, we ran Warwick Half Marathon 2020. I’m now sat here writing this with my medal proudly around my neck. I finished in 1 hour. 37.42 and come 315th overall! If you’re planning on running next year’s race, here’s everything you need to know!

PS I can 99.99% confirm the information below is accurate as I only ran this race less than 4 hours ago!

Finding The Race

The race started at Warwick racecourse, which is pretty well signposted in Warwick. I actually drove myself to the race for the first time ever, my Dad usually comes but he couldn’t. Having Aspergers I get nervous going places I don’t particular know, but I knew I could do it, so I drove to Warwick which is about 20 miles from me, parked up and I arrived. Finding registration was pretty easy, I dropped my bag off before I came across some more of my Twitter and Facebook followers Jim, Bill and Zoe. It was amazing to meet you guys in person, especially at a race as if I hadn’t met you I would have been standing around waiting nervously whilst getting anxious in a social environment I’m not used to.

The Course

It was a lovely course, it was hilly but don’t let that put you off, as honestly once you complete it, you’ll feel amazing, like you can conquer anything. The scenery and the views were incredible along the course too.

The Event

It was really well organised, I arrived 10 minutes early and they gave me my number before registration opened, I even saw the lady who gave me my number at the finish saying well done. When we were running there were St John Ambulance people on bikes (not that I needed them) which I hadn’t seen before in races which showed how organised the race was.

The Goody Bag

There was free beer, I don’t drink and it’s the last thing I wanted after a race but if you like beer, there’s a free half pint at the end, that’s an incentive for you, then there was a banana and a t shirt, this was £10 extra but it’s worth getting, in fact I’m wearing it now.

My Time

I ran the race incredibly well, in fact it’s the strongest I’ve ran since I started. A runner at the end said “well done that was really strong running, you picked up quite a bit of pace”. I battled the hills really well, one thing I did do was start slower at the start, which I think really helped me through the race. If you’re looking for a new PB, I’d say if you train for hills and regularly run on them, Warwick Half Marathon could give you one, but ultimately there are flatter races.

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