How Running Changed My Life

If you didn’t know I have Aspergers Syndrome, to put it simply, Aspergers means I struggle in social situations and I struggle with confidence. Running however has changed that completely, it’s changed my life.


Just 10 years ago I used to be afraid just to walk into a shop and buy something. I remember my Mum saying to me as we approached a shop “You going to go in and have a look then?”. I hesitatingly refused and she had to come in with me.

Since I’ve been running, I’m a different person. Last February, before I ran the London Marathon I organised my own charity raffle for Sobell House. I had to walk into local shops and businesses and ask, YES ASK THEM WITH MY OWN MOUTH, if they’d like to offer me a prize or buy a ticket for my raffle. I thoroughly believe this would not have been possible without running being part of my life. The raffle raised an incredible £2,000 for charity by the way! Other examples of my confidence coming through include organising a boat party with my work, whilst I’m able to hold a conversation much better too. Yes, I still struggle at times due to my Aspergers but I feel much more confident.


Believe it or not, I actually love eating fruit, vegetables and salad. I’m eating stuff I would have never have eaten when I was overweight. I’d much prefer to have a roast, than a burger. The healthier I become, the more healthier I’d rather eat.


Right, any runner would agree with me, the best time to run is 6.30am on a well, sunny (if possible) day as the sun’s rising. You may be reading this as a non-runner thinking “Are you nuts?”. Well, I can tell you now, I’m not. In fact, I can’t sleep much longer than 6.30am. If I go to bed at 10-10.30pm, I’m up at 6am on wards. When I say I’m up, I mean I ready to go, motivated, feeling like I’m on top of the world. I’m not tired, depressed, feeling awful, needing a coffee to get me going in the morning.

The Way I See The World

“We all go to work 9-5pm, sit in traffic, eat takeaways, get obese and then we die. ”

Lastly, running’s made me see the world in a new way. For example, having Aspergers, I pay a lot of attention to detail, so as I run I often hear the birds chirping and the wind rushing through my hair. I’ve also noticed how more and more people are suffering from anxiety and depression. We all go to work 9-5pm, sit in traffic, eat takeaways, get obese and then we die. If we take a look back at what I’ve written, isn’t running or exercise for that matter the answer to living a happier and healthier life, quite clearly it is.

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