Using The Flipbelt Zipper Running Belt

So, I use the Flipbelt Zipper when I go running. The Flipbelt Zipper is easily the best belt I’ve used since I started running. I used to use an armband to hold my phone but it kept rubbing and made me bleed. I used to comeback from a run looking like my arm had been beaten up. If you’re looking for something that will hold essentials, that’s light and has lots of space, I really recommend Flipbelt. I bought mine of Amazon, click here to find it.

The main compartment is the zip compartment I usually put my phone in there. It’s big enough for a larger phone too, well I’m hoping it is, as I’m getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 at Christmas, tweet me and I’ll let you know.

As well as the zip compartment, the belt has pockets that go all the around, so you put running gels in, keys, wallet etc, just like the image shows below.

I 100% definitely recommend the Flipbelt Zipper for your running. If you want to know anything else, comment below and I’ll let you know,

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