I’m Lovin It

I am great lover in doing things that make you feel good, that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside, that excitement feeling, that feeling like you’re on top of the world, like you’re king of the castle. I think it’s important to do these things especially if you have Aspergers/ autism as everyday is often full of many difficulties to overcome it’s those special moments that define you. Below I’ve listed four things that make me feel good, what four things would you choose?


“Me and my Mum on Holiday.”

The first thing I’ve chosen is the holiday. I think it’s important to get away at least once a year, it’s a time to rest and recover. I know going away and leaving your routine can be difficult and it is for me but once you get to the destination, it’s the best feeling in the world. If I’m going away, it will be with my family so I feel quite comfortable anyway as I know they’ll support me whilst I’m away. I’ve been to quite a few places in my time, I’ve escaped to America twice and been on a cruise around the Mediterranean.

Family Time

Next up, I’d choose family time. It’s amazing being able to spend time with family, whether you’re playing cricket in a field, having a picnic or going for a walk, family time is the best time.

“Me with my family.”


“Mmm… Tango Ice Blasts.”

It’s such an easy thing to have, but it can give you so much pleasure, so food is at number three of my list of feel good things. When I say food I mean food like chocolate, McDonalds, diet coke and Tango Ice Blasts. You can only get Tango Ice Blasts from the cinema these days but when you have one they really make you feel good, obviously they are bad for you but that amazing cold feeling going down your spine is a temporarily feel good feeling. One thing I do often is reward myself with treats when I do something difficult, like go into a shop and talk to the shopkeeper or make a phone call.

Days Out

“Me with my brother.”

Last but not least, I’d choose days out as a feel good factor. Yesterday, I went to watch Aston Villa vs Man City with my brother, it was an amazing experience and the atmosphere was incredible. This is just one example of a day out you could have to make you feel that warmth inside. It doesn’t have to be going to football, it could be something simple like going to a local park. I know getting out can be difficult for some people with autism so I appreciate this is not on everyone’s bucket list, but if you can push yourself going out with family and friends will make you feel the best you can possibly feel.

2 responses to “I’m Lovin It”

  1. Dan you are doing brilliantly in everything you do. With you writing these blogs you are helping others in their journey of life including me. Thankyou for being you. Love you always darling xxx


  2. Richard Blencowe Avatar
    Richard Blencowe

    Best one yet Dan, and they’ve all been brilliant. I’m thinking about what 4 things I’d choose. Holidays definitely would be one. I’d also choose time with my dogs and also being with my nephews. Looking forward to your next post.
    Richard X


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