Negatives Can Become Positives

Warning, if your name is DENNIS don’t come near me for the next day or two and keep your dog gnasher, well away from me. Yep, if you haven’t guessed already the Great British Weather strikes again, it’s cancelled my half marathon at London’s Olympic Park. I mean I have to be honest, seeing that tweet saying it was cancelled really threw me, I had my hopes up, I was in that mental zone and then BOOM, every bit of preparation I’ve done for that exact moment and now I can’t do it.

Now I know what’s it like to be a Man City or West Ham player when their football game got cancelled last week, when you focus on something and that something doesn’t come, it’s so mentally draining and frustrating. It’s like your favourite toys suddenly been taken away from you, remember when you were a child and you have your Playstation taken from you because you were naughty, it’s that same mental feeling, what I need to do is pick myself up and this is how I’m going to do it!

I Need To Pick Myself Up

Okay, I know my run’s been cancelled, so the next thing I need to work out is how I change this from a negative to a positive. It’s simple, think positive. This is something you can apply to everything in life, not just running but within your work or your social life. Any negative can quite easily be a positive, if it’s a car accident, you’re still alive, that’s a positive, if you break a watch you’ve had for centuries, that’s okay you still have them memories, if you’re feeling down and you have a go at someone, that’s okay you can make up, everyone needs a punch bag in a while, see every negative has a positive you just have to change your thinking. This is how I’m going to do it…

First thing, I’m doing a run on Saturday morning, instead of Sunday, this means I get to run and I still get that runners high.

Second thing, I’m still going to LONDON, the capital, I get to test my phone’s 5G connectivity, I’m going to see a play and it’s a weekend away, okay there’s no running but it’s a trip away.

Thirdly, I have an AMAZING year ahead, my next run is a Banbury 15 mile run which is supposed to be really hilly, so it could be a tester. Then it’s Liverpool Marathon in May, then I have Leamington Spa Half in July, in September I have Blenheim Palace before the big one, yes NEW YORK MARATHON on the 1st November, ironically this run has been postponed to then.

And that’s how you turn a negative into a positive…

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