Expecto Patronum!

If you’re not aware, expecto patronum is a spell used in Harry Potter. The spell releases an animal to protect you from harm from horrible creatures like Dementors. When Harry casts his patronum, it releases a beautiful ultra blue stag. Anyway, why am I waffling on like a Harry Potter nerd? Well, I’ve gone and got another tattoo and this time it’s a beautiful ultra blue stag. It looks just like Harry’s patronus and is on my arm to protect me from evil creatures like Dementors. The tattoo is amazing and links in well with my previous deathly hallows Harry Potter tattoo. I’d like to thank my friend for taking me get my tattoo and the tattoo artist who kindly drew this on me.

Why Get A Tattoo?

I understand tattoo’s aren’t for everyone but I’d encourage any of you, whether you’re autistic like me or not to get a tattoo. One important thing I’d say is to always take someone with you before having the tattoo, that way you can get a second opinion on how it looks. When I had my tattoo my friend kindly came with me and helped me do things like discuss how I wanted it before they started the needling work. Having someone by the side of me also helped me feel more relaxed before, during and after the tattoo process. This tattoo itself is important to me mainly because it looks cool but it also has a strong resemblance back to my childhood.


Will it hurt? Will it look good? What if I don’t like it? Those are the questions that ran through my mind before having my first tattoo. The simple answer is to live in the present, don’t worry about whether or not you’re going to like it. Having a reliable tattoo artist helps with this, maybe ask to see their work before the appointment so you know the type of thing they’ve done in the past. In terms of whether it will hurt, as I say live in the present, you never know anything until you try it. One thing I try and do is force myself into situations as you never know how you’re going to react until you’ve done them, like going to the gym or getting this tattoo.

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One response to “Expecto Patronum!”

  1. Catherine Ley Avatar
    Catherine Ley

    Dan lm so proud of you. Your tattoos are amazing especially as l know what they mean to you. My 11 tattoos all mean alot to me & there are reasons for them all. Keep doing you Dan xxx


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