I Don’t Give A F*CK

Okay let me get something straight, I don’t often swear, well I don’t actually swear at all, in fact my Mum washed my mouth out with soap once, when I was younger for swearing but I don’t hate her for that, in fact it’s made me a better person today. So why have I swore in the title of this blog? Well it’s because I’m going to draw upon a few issues of how I don’t give a f*ck, in other words I don’t allow myself to become influenced by society and other people, so here’s how…

Mark Manson explains in his book “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK” and in his Netflix documentary how we’re constantly being influenced by other people, we always want the next best thing, we always want to be an influenced by an Instagram or Facebook post. We follow each other in herds, more or less like a cult and scarily we THINK we’re HAPPY. But are we? Is having the latest phone or car making us HAPPY?

Manson goes on to talk about the art of not giving a F**K, how in today’s society we want the next best thing but we don’t want the pain it takes to get there. Manson explains how we should be focusing on the negative side of society, focusing on the pain and suffering we have to go through to get to that goal or realistically focusing on what we already HAVE.

I know that everything I’ve been through in my life the one thing that makes me really HAPPY is my family. That I have and I know they’ll always be there for me until they or I die. If you’re reading this as an Aspie or someone with autism, I urge you to not get drawn in to the whole culture of society and instead, don’t give a F*CK, because that’s truly what’s going to make you happy. Nowadays you only have to look at an Instagram post to see how negative your life is but ultimately that is the culture we live in today.

That brings me onto my last point, DEATH, we have to accept it, one day I will lose my Mum or Dad. So many of us walk around like zombies thinking we’re going to be around forever, but we’re not. Manson explains how DEATH is only thing we can value our life on, when we’re gone we’re not going to want that great big car, go on that expensive holiday or simply be in the cult of capitalism. The only thing that matters is YOU. So why not start being happy more and worry less…

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One response to “I Don’t Give A F*CK”

  1. So true.
    I generally don’t give an F. I think when you hit 50 it becomes easier for some reason. Not sure why.
    I like to wear descent clothes but my wallet is worn out and my cell phone screen has some cracks. I don’t understand why some people rush out to get the latest iPhone. I mean really? Life is too short.


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