The Art To Keeping Calm

Stress or anxiety, it’s so hard to get your head around, just this morning I’ve been so stressed and worried about different things in my life. The majority of my anxiety was when it came to filling in my passport details for my cruise. This was supposed to be a good thing, I’m going away to a country I’ve never been before but I’m not happy because I’m so anxious around the different things that need doing, like filling in my passport details. Anyway, I’m glad to say I did complete my details and I’ve made a step towards going on holiday.

Moving on, one way I’m combating my anxiety is by using the form of art. Yes, art, now if you know me you’ll know I’m not the best artist but I always give it my best shot. If I attempt to draw a dog it ends up looking like what you could call a dog/cat/rabbit thing. In terms of art, most of my art that I do currently is digital art. This blog for example is a form of art, I also manipulate images and make art through them. One amazing form of art I’ve recently come across is a form of artificial intelligence. It’s a project my brothers working on, you simply type in the image you want and it comes up with it, it looks so cool, click here to find out more.

Most of my art has been done in an art group I’ve joined. I’ve been making all sorts of different artistic things, lately I’ve drawn an Easter card for my Mum and painted a glass plate to put your hot mugs on. The Easter card was all, you’ve guessed it, Easter themed and contained carrots, eggs and a giant Easter bunny rabbit thingy.

The glass tea plate thingy was amazing really, I decided to paint the HP (Harry Potter) initials and paint them in red and gold, whilst I painted the background green and blue. The colours of course represented the Harry Potter houses.

My next project is to paint an image from Harry Potter in the form of painting by numbers. I’ll share it with you once I’ve painted it, in an image below.

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