I’m A Gardener

Yes, you heard me right, I’m officially a gardener and have started growing in my own backyard. My passion for gardening began when I was at Bridewell Organic Gardens, I didn’t realise how beneficial it can be for your mental health, gardening or just simply getting out in the great outdoors.

Bridewell taught me the basics of gardening and I thank them for that. It’s such a magical place to visit, the scenery is amazing, I urge you go and see the work the team at Bridewell are doing. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the getting dirty side to Bridewell, on my last four visits to the gardens I disliked it as I had to get quite muddy, plus it was also quite a distance to travel so I decided to leave but take my newly found knowledge and put this into a new hobby, this being gardening at home. The evidence from my journaling was also very negative and so I decided enough was enough and thought gardening at home would be best.

So what have I grown? I hear you ask. Well I can tell you I’ve bought, not grown, some strawberry plants, a raspberry cane and four cauliflower shoots. Yes, I’m going to have my own self-pick in the garden, only joking I won’t have enough strawberries to go around. I’m really excited about growing these, today for the first day I went out to water them and it really gave me a sense of purpose. We’ve covered them up for now to keep away any hungry birds or insects and I’ve bought some netting to go around them. Anyway, I really hope my strawberry growing is a success, I’ll update you with my gardening adventures in a few months time.

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One response to “I’m A Gardener”

  1. Gardens are great therapy!
    I’ve had a garden for about 30 years now.
    Some years are better than others, but I always enjoy being outside in the garden.
    Here’s to good growing weather!


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