Live, Laugh, Love London

I know, I’ve already written a blog called Live, Laugh, Love. I want to evident this though and explain how I had the best weekend in London with my Mum, living my most enjoyable life, laughing all the time and loving each other along the way.

To start with, London itself brings a lot of anxiety with it, getting on the train, off the train, being in crowds of people for what can seem like days. To combat this we had a special assistance person who helped us get on the train. I arrived at the station extremely anxious and worrying we would miss the train. We didn’t though, I got anxious on the train though as we were sat opposite people and I hated it, but I did it and we arrived at London Marylebone. All I can say is that I used strength to get through and I did it. With that, I’d like to post a picture of my new tattoo below, it says strength and I’m sure I had that.

So, I’m not going to go through and explain the bits where I got anxious, scared and fearful, all you need to know is that I successfully made combat with these challenging times and I had a really enjoyable weekend.

Live – First up, we lived a fantastic part of our lives in London. We saw the play 2:22 A Ghost Story which was really nerve jingling but a very good play and cast to go with it. It had Cheryl, Max from EastEnders and two other fantastic cast members. What was even more special though was being with my Mum. Being on my own it’s kind of a thing to remember, but being with my Mum made it extra special. She struggles with her walking and so I made sure she was okay throughout the performance and the entire trip to London.

Laugh – Me and my Mum had the best of laughs whilst we were away and we still do whilst we’re home. We joked about, had the best of times and eat to out heart’s content. Here’s a gallery of pics from our time in London.

Love – I loved every minute of being in London, it gave me and my Mum a break from the everyday and a chance to escape. Before we went, I made sure there wasn’t going to be too much walking as my Mum struggles with that and there wasn’t. We loved and cared for each other during the tough times and made sure one and another was okay.

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One response to “Live, Laugh, Love London”

  1. Daniel you amaze everyday. We had a fabulous time away & made some lovely memories. Having you by my side made me feel less anxious & l felt so much love from you.
    Thankyou for being you. You are a joy to be around & for me that means so much. Love you lots xxx


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