Walking For Wellbeing

How many steps do you do in a day? How often do you get out in the fresh air? How often do you say to yourself “I’m going for a walk”?

These questions are so, so important, walking or just simply getting out in the fresh air is so, so important especially if you’re struggling with your mental health. I’ve realised that I need to go for a walk more and that’s what I’ve been doing to combat my mental health. Lately, I’ve been struggling with my anxiety and been so anxious to do even the simplest of things. That’s why, as of today, I’m setting myself a challenge.

The Challenge

The challenge I’m setting myself is to go for a walk every single day, the good news is that for the past two days, I’ve done exactly that. Today, I went for a 3 mile walk, yesterday I went for a 2 mile walk, over the past 2 days I’ve walked 5 miles. Walking has been so beneficial for me as I can be mindful and get in the fresh air and forget about my thoughts and feelings. It’s a form of escapism but also a way to learn new mindful techniques. For example, I can use my senses to become aware of my environment, this a great stress reliever but also a fantastic way for autistic people to relax. Whilst on the walk, I can be aware of what I can smell, see, hear and touch.

“Be aware of your senses, smell, listen, look & touch.”

Whilst walking can help, I’ve also realised that just being outside can help with my mental health. I go to Bridewell Organic Gardens, it’s such a magical place and they’re going to help me learn to relax and use the environment and gardening in particular as a form of wellbeing. To be honest, I hadn’t been enjoying it lately as I don’t enjoy getting mucky but they know that now so I feel much more happier as they’re going to take that onboard when I choose a gardening task.

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One response to “Walking For Wellbeing”

  1. Hi Dan, another great post.
    When I walk I like counting my steps in my head. I count 1 for every 4 steps I do. When I reach 250 I simply multiply it by 4 to get to a thousand. I log that thousand in my head and start again from 1. My usual walk is exactly 6660 steps. Like you say it takes your mind from worries. Sometimes when I reach a thousand I will put a stick in the grass on side of road. These are my personal 1000 step markers.
    Keep up the good work Dan. X


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