Live, Laugh, Love

You may have noticed these words hanging around my blog, in fact if you look on the homepage they are right at the top, in fact these words mean so much to me that I now have them tattooed on my left arm. Yes, that’s right, I have them tattooed on my arm in the middle of three individual puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces represents autism, the puzzle piece being an individual, unique thing that connects together with another piece, therefore fitting in with society.

I used to think tattoos where horrible things and thought I’d never get one but after going through a lot of difficulties in my life, I’ve decided now is the right time to get one as I’ve lived long enough for them to be unique to me. In this blog I want to delve deeper into what those specific words mean to me, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. Three different words with a whole lot of meaning…

Live – The first word is obvious really, live your life the way YOU want to live it. Don’t follow orders from Joe Blogs, if someone’s telling you should do this and you think different, choose your way of thinking. That way you’re not ruled by other people, it’s your choice, it’s your way of thinking. Another pointer I’d recommend is to LIVE every moment the way you choose, make the most of everything you do, think about writing some sort of bucket list as that’s a great way to make the most of life. This year I’ve already scratched two things of my list, one was to get another tattoo, the other was to go to New York which I’ve now booked.

“Live every moment the way you choose.”

Laugh – Laugh, if you’re feeling down, laughter is often the best medicine. I love going to watch comedians or funny plays and laughing my head off. I’ve been to see Michael Mcyintyre, I also loved going to the Comedy Store in London. Laughter doesn’t just come from watching things though, it comes from YOU, you can be funny, I’m a great believer that everyone has a funny side and YOU do too. If you’re going through a hard time, make light of the situation, you’ll find things become a lot easier. Laugh, it’s the best medicine…

“If you have LOVE, you have a recipe to LIVE and LAUGH.”

Love – This is really the most important one really, LOVE. LOVE everyone, don’t hold judges against people. Having autism it makes things a whole easier as I tend to not hold grudges against people, I love everyone no matter what they’ve done, I always forgive. Love keeps us together through the hard times, and most importantly binds the living and the laughter together. I love my family, most importantly my Mum, my Dad and my siblings and now I have Millie, my niece to LOVE. If you have LOVE you have a recipe to LIVE and LAUGH…

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