HAPPY New Year!

Before I get into this blog, I’d just like to say HAPPY new year to all my readers. I’m a great believer that life is for living, you should do things you ENJOY, things you THRIVE on and things that make you HAPPY. The New Year is always a difficult time for me as it’s the start of a whole new journey, 12 months of finding new meaning in life. It’s so difficult as you’ve just had Christmas and you’ve been celebrating the New Year and then all of a sudden you’re expecting to just get on with it, the so-called New Year.

This year I’m planning on doing things that make ME and others HAPPY, more so myself. I’ve started the New Year with several different things that make me HAPPY, firstly I treated myself to a cruise to New York, I can’t wait as I’ve treated my Mum and it’s the first time she’s been to America. I can’t wait and my Mum can’t either, as I say in my book, holidays are so, so special and this is something I’m really looking forward to.

“Do Things That Make You Happy In Life.”

Obviously, not everyone can go on a cruise but there are small things you can do to make you HAPPY and live life to the full. Firstly, ask yourself the question, how connected are you with society? If you’re feeling lonely, think about joining organisations or societies where you can make friends. If you like being alone a lot of the time, that’s okay too as it’s whatever makes you HAPPY. Secondly, don’t break outside your comfort zone if it doesn’t make you HAPPY. This one is important, happiness is key to your success, if you’re doing something difficult but you’re not enjoying it, then it’s pointless as you’re not gaining anything from it. Time and time again I go on about breaking barriers but if you’re not happy, then it’s pointless.

I hope my message is clear, do things that will make you HAPPY in life.

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