Sunnyside Up

Before we start, I’d just like to clarify one thing, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with eggs, however it does have everything to do with The Sunnybank Trust, a charity who support adults with learning disabilities. Earlier this month, I had a message from Jon who asked whether I would like to do an interview about my book “Living With Aspergers: Daniel’s Story”. I’m so glad I said yes because it meant that I could, not just promote my book, but meet up with a fellow aspie, named Mark whilst also get to know Jon.

Me & Mark Will Always Be Friends

Mark, like myself also has Aspergers and had kindly agreed to interview me about my book. Mark asked me questions on my love for Harry Potter, my running days including running the London Marathon and Bournemouth Marathon, my fundraising whilst also reflected on the challenging time I had during Covid.

It felt easier having Mark interview me as we both understood each other and how are autism makes it difficult for each of us. We knew each of us needed time to answer the questions and we respected each other’s difficulties. I’m so grateful to The Sunnybank Trust for allowing me to have an the interview and meet Mark and Jon.

If you’d like to read my guest blog on The Sunnybank Trust, click here.

Listen to my full interview with Mark here.

Find my book on Amazon here.

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