Push Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

One thing autistic people do time and time again is break outside their comfort zone, whether it be going to a party and having to socialise, catching a bus or for some just walking outside the house. In fact, my book is full of examples of where I’ve broken my comfort zone including asking companies for donations before I ran the London Marathon where I raised £2,000 or having to deal with life living within a mental health hospital. I’m not saying neurotypical people don’t break outside their comfort zone, I’m highlighting how simple things are so much harder for people on the autistic spectrum therefore they need to break outside their comfort zone.

“Things are much harder for people on the autistic spectrum.”

This week I can think of three examples of where I’ve broken that comfort zone. I wanted to highlight them to you as I feel they are huge feats for me. The first of these was when I decided to go down to Wickes car park to get an ice cream. It was Sunday night and I was tired but I really wanted an ice cream so off I went. Well the SOS button came on in my car but I didn’t panic, I knew it can’t be anything serious as I only just got it. Anyway, the SOS button has cleared now and it’s all working fine and I got my ice cream, after an hour queuing that is!

“The ice cream I went and collected.”

The second example of me breaking outside my comfort zone has only just happened today. I went down to a charity shop and had an introduction to volunteering which I am pleased to say I am going to start. I’ll be in the stock room sorting out the stock so if you’re planning on coming to find me you won’t have any luck.

“I’m a great believer that autism is a talent, not a disability.”

Anyway, the third example was when i went to help my drama group build the set of my panto, the Wizard Of Oz. I painted, yes I’ll say it again, I PAINTED the set and got messy. I hate getting messy but I did it because I got it in my head that I could do it. See, this is another fantastic example of how my autistic brain works, I hate getting messy but I still did it because I knew, breaking my comfort zone was good for me. I recently read Ant Middleton’s book “The Wall”, he explains how we all hate doing things but if we push through and break “The Wall” it’s good for us as a person, as we develop and become stronger. Ask yourself a question, how are you breaking outside your comfort zone?

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One response to “Push Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone”

  1. Richard BLENCOWE Avatar
    Richard BLENCOWE

    Great blog Dan, well done for pushing your self doing these things. Loving the book. X


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