Talking: What’s The Point?

One thing I discuss in my book is the struggle I have with talking and socialising everyday. I’m generally okay with people I’ve met before as I’ve built up confidence along the way but with new people I struggle. To put it simple, it means that when someone new or someone I know already talks to me, I have to think extra hard about what to say compared to non-autistic people. If you haven’t seen it yet, I made the video here to outline what I mean when I say I struggle to socialise.

Also, when I see people I know in the street or in a restaurant, I tend to avoid saying hello, not because I’m rude or anything it’s just because I struggle to find the confidence to start a conversation.

On my visit to Bridewell Gardens last week, I was told about the workshops Autism Oxford are running, one specifically on Social Communication. I think this would help me as one thing I’ve noticed when I communicate is my lack of recognition for other people. I like talking about my hobbies, like drama, my blogging, football, holidays etc but I never consider asking others about things they’re doing.

Read my full story “Living With Aspergers: Daniel’s Story” now on Amazon.

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