Why I Got A Tattoo

I’m a great believer in having life experiences, in other words trying new things or ticking things off your bucket list. Having a tattoo is just one of these things on my bucket list I can now tick off. I mean I’ve always been a bit weary about having a tattoo as it’s on your body for the rest of your life but with the right artist and design you won’t regret it.

I talk a lot about how it’s good to put yourself outside your comfort zone and that’s exactly what I’ve done with my tattoo. I was so nervous before I went and had my tattoo, my Mum said to me “I can tell your nervous because you’re pacing up and down the stairs” and I was but I still had it done and I tell you what, it didn’t hurt a bit.

What Does It Feel Like?

This is exactly what I was so nervous about, what does it feel like to get a tattoo? It’s the unknown what’s so scary but so good once you achieve it, my life has been full of going into the unknown and I’ve thrived off it. My autistic traits make it so hard for me to adjust to change and the unknown but I throw myself in the deep end time and time again. A fantastic example of me going into the unknown was when I started my new Drama group, I didn’t know anyone but I still went every week and rehearsed because I threw myself into that situation and eventually got to know people.

“Throw yourself in the deep end, you won’t regret it.”

So, what does it feel like to have a tattoo? It feels like a kind of burning sensation, like a buzzing, pin pricky feeling, but it doesn’t hurt. If you really want one, I recommend throwing yourself in the deep end and giving it a go.

What My Tattoo Means To Me

My tattoo means a lot to me, ultimately it’s based upon the Harry Potter franchise, it resembles the deathly hallows with the Harry Potter scar coming down the middle. The colours resemble the Harry Potter houses, red, green, yellow and blue.

Okay, so it resembles Harry Potter but what else does it resemble? Firstly, the colours show my creative side and my imaginative behaviour. They also have a strong link to my autism and playful thinking. Harry Potter is a strong reference to my childhood as I grew up with the character and book throughout my younger days. So, there you have it, in fact I’m thinking of a second tattoo on my left arm, I won’t reveal what I’m thinking of doing, you’ll have to wait and see…

5 responses to “Why I Got A Tattoo”

  1. I have a semicolon tattoo, and it’s always a reminder to me to try and keep going and not ending the sentence.


  2. Well done Dan lm ao proud of you. Once you set your mind to do something you go ahead & do it. Welcome to the Tattoo family. Lots of love always Mum xxx


  3. Rachel Elisabeth Batten Avatar
    Rachel Elisabeth Batten

    Hey Dan am waiting for a Asperger’s assessment am on the waiting list I struggle with the unknown and am aprahensive about some things. I was so anxious as the other day getting a carpel tunnel operation it went ok but I was afraid as also the unknown of what will happen well done for running

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    1. Hi Rachel, Thank you, hope your assessment goes okay, let me know if you need anything.


      1. Rachel Elisabeth Batten Avatar
        Rachel Elisabeth Batten

        Thank you so much Dan I seem to struggle and jump at loud sounds and also hate dazzling lights I do have colored lenses in my glasses that seem to keep me grounded when I wear them. I work as a heath care worker and sometimes just talking to the resident s and other workers overwhelms me and I shut off and zone out when it gets too much rather than melting down. I was bullied loads at school too. I will be 38 when I get the assessment so still another year and bit to wait but I do see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m covered in tattoos u had one and I just got addicted to them. Have Disney tattoos and a semi colon and Chinese tattoo s as well as hearts and stars

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