The Magic Of Millie

It’s an amazing life being a baby, you don’t have to worry about anything really, life is just there for you, on a plate, all thanks to your Mum and Dad of course. You can let your parents do everything for you, whilst you pee and poop your pants, you can throw weetabix, porridge and chicken curry all around your face, scream when you want to and smile when you want to but whatever you do everyone still gives you love. A lot of the days I wish I was a baby still, time goes so fast before you know it we’re older, working under the pressures of life but as a baby, none of this pressure is here.

“When Uncle Dan’s coming over she always gives me a big smile.”

That brings me on to my niece Millie, she is magic, she’s so special to me, she’s a precious bundle of joy. Every time I go and visit her she gives me a lovely smile, she knows when Uncle Dan’s coming over because she always gives me a big smile. She loves a cuddle from me too and I try and have a cuddle with her every time I see her because I know life’s short and if you don’t treasure memories whilst you’re in that situation with the people you love, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Her smile is lovely and I try and get her to smile for me every time I see her. Now there are lots of ways of doing this, playing peek-a-boo or getting Jack, my brother in law to pull funny faces.

“Me playing with Millie”

I remember when she was born, she was so tiny, I was scared I would drop her she was that small. It was Christmas day and it was the best present I’d received that day. She had such tiny hands and feet, they were half the size of my finger. At first I was quite jealous of the fact my sister was introducing a new member of the family but after meeting Millie, this changed instantly as she gave me that loving, fuzzy feeling inside.

Now she is getting older, her expressions are coming through, for example she knocks over a tower of blocks and always squints before she knocks it over. She sometimes gives you that stare look as if to say “what are you doing?” too, in fact she did it the over day, my Sister was feeding Millie and she didn’t want her to feed her so she cried and eventually got my brother, Harry to feed her.

Someday I wish I could have children but I know it will be difficult, especially with me having autism and finding it difficult to form relationships. I’ve accepted that I probably won’t have children for now though and I’m enjoying the time I have with Millie before she grows up to live in the big wide world.

One response to “The Magic Of Millie”

  1. You make a great uncle, I’m sure Millie loves you as much as you love her. Stay positive you don’t know what the future holds. Love Nanny and Grampy xx


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