The Running With Dan Podcast

I’m starting a podcast! Yes, I’m looking for fellow runners who’d be willing to have a 15 minute call with me to discuss their running journey. What inspired you to start running? Was it to lose weight? Was it to help your mental health?

I want to share your stories across the world and this is just the start! I’m a believer that if you want something to be successful and if you believe it will be, it truly will come true with hard work and determination. If you’re interested please feel free to tweet me @runnwithdan or message me on Instagram @runnwithdan or you can contact me via email I even brought a microphone to start recording my podcasts!

Here’s a short teaser trailer below introducing the idea for my podcast. I love the short sunny music at the start!

Episode 1 Podcast Teaser Running With Dan

Dan's looking for fellow runners to join him to share their running stories. What inspired you to start running? What keeps you going on them cold, rainy days? What's the furthest you've ran? 

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