Keep Calm I’ve Got Covid

I knew I would end up having it, yes, Covid, Covid-19, Coronavirus, I have it. Anyway, getting Covid means I won’t be running for a few weeks, it means my New Year’s Resolution, that being to run every week, will be broken. I’m not too disheartened as I know I will make it up in the end but it’s the change of routine that’s the big thing for me. I go from doing loads of things day to day to not being able to do anything.

I Struggle With Change

One thing I struggle with is change, this is mainly due to my Aspergers. It’s something I’ve had to battle day in, day out, I remember when I was younger I was going on holiday to Austria with the school, my Mum had to force me in the car to get me to go I was so determined to not go. It was the fear of change, the fear of being in a new place, the fear of having to live with other people. the fear of being away from my parents. I’m happy to say that I did go in the end and I really enjoyed the holiday, in fact I enjoyed it so much, I remember it to this day.

What’s Your Next Project?

I think change is something many people are having to battle as people are getting the Covid illness. The way to look at it is that you’re not often in the house, keep yourself occupied by starting a new project, like a new puzzle or a new activity. For example, that’s why I’m writing this blog here and now because I’ve not been writing blogs very regularly so I’ve decided to write a new one about me getting Covid. Another thing you could do is a household project, like tidying or re-decorating a room. I think it’s important to keep yourself busy whilst isolating rather than sitting at home sleeping, that way your mind becomes active and gets used to or in fact doesn’t notice the change.

Anyway, to conclude, I’m glad to say I’m nearly at the end of my self-isolation period and my running will soon be back, also just a quick reminder, I’m running the London Marathon 2022 this year so I better get training, look out for my blogs discussing my training.

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