Last year I signed up to Run Up 2 Christmas, I had to run 31 miles in 25 days, but I FAILED, I only ran 4 miles.

Failure Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

The thing is, failure is not a sign of weakness, it’s not a sign of losing hope and giving up. In fact, it’s the complete opposite, see what I have to do is reflect on the failure and see it as a sign of strength, in fact only running 4 out of 31 miles is maybe a sign that I’m struggling. I need to be kind to myself and see the positives out of my failure.

What Were The Positives?

Well, December was in fact a very busy month for me, I was in my local village Pantomime called “Camelot”, it was my 30th birthday and of course it was Christmas. This meant I had a lot of things on, making finding time to run very difficult. Plus getting on and moving when you’re quite overweight is tough mentally on you too, you have to think each time you run that you’re going to achieve the distance no matter what. In fact, when I ran the 4 miles I had to stop for a walk it tired me so much, that’s how hard the challenge was. This was tough to do, especially after battling the nerves from my pantomime and of course having the excitement of my 30th birthday and the arrival of the big man with the big white beard and red suit, aka Santa Clause.

It’s Good To Look Back

Looking back, I think if I have had more time I probably would have achieved 31 miles. I’m running shorter distances at the minute which makes it harder to achieve that distance so it required me to go out on several occasions which I didn’t have time for.

What Can I Learn?

So, what can I learn? The obvious thing is to put less pressure on myself within a month, maybe I could have signed up to a shorter distance or have done the challenge during another month. The thing is I might not have run 31 miles but I have achieved other things this month, many people would have struggled with, such as going on stage in front of 200 or so people. Anyway, I plan to start my running this month in the year 2022, I’ll let you know how I get on!

One response to “I FAILED But…”

  1. “Failure is not a sign of weakness.” Agreed, Dan! I have also scaled back on my running and gained too much weigh during this ongoing pandemic. Right now I run once or twice a week, around two miles each time. But I get plenty of walking in every day and ride the exercise bike now and then. So it’s all good.


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