What It Really Takes To Run A Marathon

The marathon, it’s no mean feat, 26.2 miles. Ever considered running one? I’ve run two and from my experience they are not easy things to master. I know two people who’ve run the distance, me and my Mum, no one else I know has ever considered running the distance. I’ve ran 2 marathons, one in London and the other in Bournemouth. My Mum’s ran the London Marathon.

It Takes Time

With everything in life, it takes time and commitment if you choose to run the distance. You can’t turn up on race day and expect to run 26.2 miles just like that, you need to be out every weekend running long runs of 10-20 miles so your body is used to the distance.

It’s All In The ‘Head’

Running a marathon, WOW that’s 26.2 miles. It’s a long way but one thing you ought to know is that our brain is continually telling us that’s a long way when really it isn’t that far at all if you put it into perspective. For example, there are ultra runners which run nearly double the distance, so if they can run double, surely you can run half. See what I mean, it’s all in the head, if you turn the distance on its head, 26.2 miles isn’t far.

Don’t Forget To Gel

Yes, you should gel, after 1 and a half hours of running, your legs will start to fill with lactic acid meaning you might start to struggle, this is called the wall. Using gels or jellys will mean you can get to the finish line quicker and easier although by mile 20 be prepared to push through the pain barrier and of course get through the dread wall.

Will I Beat The Wall?

Of course you will, “The Wall” is just another name for your legs getting stiff and filled with lactic acid. You can still run with stiff legs its just a tad painful.

One response to “What It Really Takes To Run A Marathon”

  1. I’ve run two marathons as well, Dan. I followed a six month training schedule for both. This allowed me time to work up to long runs of over 20 miles without injury. Just about any reasonably healthy person can finish a marathon–if they are willing to be patience and do the training.


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