Why I’ll Always Be A Runner

So many people ask “what is a runner?”, “what is a jogger?”. A runner is someone who goes out and put’s their shoes on and runs. There’s no difference between a runner and a jogger, as long as you’re moving towards a finish line then you are a runner. I’m writing this after not running for over 6 weeks. I was running at 7.30 minutes per mile, 6 weeks later I’m now running at 10 minutes per mile, but I’m still a runner because I know that jogging and running are both the same things.

“Running And Jogging Are Both The Same Things.”

I went out yesterday and ran 6 miles, 6 hard, gruelling miles which used to feel a lot easier. I ran them 6 miles though because that was the finish line I had set myself because I was running, running and jogging are both the same things. It’s so difficult to motivate myself at the moment, but I’ll always keep running even if it’s just a mile, two or three, at the end of the day running changed my life.

PS I want to start sharing your running stories in a brand new podcast, contact me if you’re interested in sharing your story.

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