And Breath…

A big part of running we often don’t think about is breathing, we go about it everyday, we take it for granted, but when do we ever stop and listen to our breathing, listen to our breath going in and out, in and out. Having anxiety has really made me think about my breathing much more which I’m pleased to say is really helping my running too.

Meet Wim Hof

Wim Hof’s breathing technique is something I’m urging you all to try and do once a day if you can. You breath in 30 times, in and out, big breaths though, you want to get as much oxygen into your body as you can, a quicker breath out though. After 30 times, STOP wait 2 minutes and meditate, just relax, listen to your body you won’t need to breath during this time either as your body stores oxygen, then breath in and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat this three times until you’ve finished the breathing technique.

That’s Wim Hof’s method and I can tell you know, it will help you run better, this morning I came back from a very, very hilly run, 227 elevation but I could feel my breathing was easier. Now I’m not saying to breath like that when you run, you’ll soon be begging for energy but what you will start to notice is your breathing a lot more. For example, when I was going up a hill earlier I started breathing in and out but I was taking in more oxygen because my lungs are able to after doing Wim Hof’s method. Thanks Wim!

Breath And Believe

I’ve made myself a pact to do Wim’s method everyday, give him a Google, he’s got some cool YouTube videos. There’s also other breathing techniques you can do when you run such as the 2:2 method, taking 1 breath in every two seconds and out, won’t go into this know, it’s lunch time and I can’t keep that ham and cheese sandwich waiting much longer. So, let me summarise, by having more awareness of your breathing in life as well as when you run you’ll soon start to see a difference, so breath in… 🤣💨🌬

One response to “And Breath…”

  1. I always say, if I notice my breathing then I have a problem.
    When I’m running I try not to pay much attention to my breathing.
    On a long run or a half marathon or marathon, I’ll take few deep breathes even when I don’t need them. This seems to help keep my energy levels up.
    I don’t do deep breathing the entire race. Only when I think of it or when I’ve hit the wall and normal breathing isn’t an option!


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