Self Isolation Week 2: The Virtual Life

Well it’s been a pretty strange week this week, the good news is I’m starting to get a bit of a routine together, my anxiety is reducing and things are becoming sort of normal in life as well on the running side.

The Virtual Quiz

If someone said to you I’m off to do a virtual quiz a month ago you’d probably have looked at them like they were nuts or something, well that’s what I did last Sunday. I included my own round too, “All About Dan”, you can probably guess all the questions, “what was my last race?”, “what’s my PB?”, “where did I get this running gel from?”, yep it pretty much included every running questions about me. I even bought a £5 Amazon voucher for the winner. Take a look below, that’s my family taking on the world’s toughest quiz about me…

My Virtual Quiz “All About Dan”

I Built A Restaurant

I’d like to clarify something, I didn’t build a restaurant, there was no bricks and I certainly didn’t invite customers, I simply made our dining table look like a restaurant. I changed the table mats, cutlery, added pillows to the chairs, I even recorded my own soundtrack to play in the background to give the illusion of being in a restaurant. We had gammon and chips that night too. We couldn’t actually go to the restaurant so I brought it to us.

I Built This Restaurant On Rock N Roll

I’ll Make A Good Forensic Scientist

Now I’ve started running during the coronavirus, it feels like the end of every run is like some kind of crime scene. I carefully wash my bottle, throw my clothes straight to the wash and and most importantly, wash my hands. I know it’s important though, don’t want any corona, the bacteria or beer coming into my home. DI Dan, reporting for duty.

The Virtual Grand National

Never thought I’d get so excited for a virtual Grant National, I have and I’ve even put a bet on it, by the way all profits go tot NHS Charities, so make sure you put something on. Anyway it’s been a pretty weird week 2 of self isolation…

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