Believe You Can And You Will

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog saying this was going to be the biggest mental challenge of my life and it is, but I’m through the worst, I’m feeling like I’m back, back to the Dan we all know. Yesterday, I finished a 10k in 46 minutes, my belief is back, today I’m feeling okay…ish, but I know it will take time, there’s going to be days where I get more anxious than others, but what I’ve done is reduce my anxiety down to a teeny, tiny, worm, what I’ve done is BELIEVE.

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I go on and on about believing in yourself, through times of struggle, when you’re at your lowest of lows, can you crawl yourself out of that hole and become even stronger. Just last week I was in severe mental pain, crawled on my bed clenching a red nose, it felt there was no way out, my anxiety was through the roof, every time I lost focus, I just started shaking, I was crying at everything, the day’s felt like a month, I had never experienced this kind anxiety before.

The most amazing thing is, I was knew to this, I didn’t have clue how to control it, but I believed, I believed I could beat this thing, I sit here today having pretty much beaten it. Now I want this to be as easy for you as possible, if you’re really struggling with anxiety at the minute. I’m putting together what I’m calling a 20 point plan to battling and most importantly reducing anxiety. I know it’s different for everyone but by following these simple coping strategies it will help you, just like they’ve helped me. Please share the image above on social media, whilst direct them to this blog, where I explain more.

  1. Don’t Panic – This will only make you more anxious, try and relax.
  2. Connection – Talk about your feelings with family and friends.
  3. Emotion – Let it all out, cry as much as you want, feel the world.
  4. Sensory Box – Smell, taste, hear, create a sensory box, click here.
  5. Water – Drink plenty of water, drink slowly, focus on each gulp.
  6. Food – Eat slowly and focus on every single bite you take.
  7. Music – This drives you, Spotify have good Anxiety Relief playlists.
  8. Get Outside -Feel the wind, bask in the sun, breath, senses relax you.
  9. Exercise – Important, at least 30 minutes a day.
  10. Run – If you can go for a run, scream as loud as you want, let it all out.
  11. Go Easy – You can’t do as much as you used to do, that’s OKAY.
  12. Live In The Moment – Feeling anxious, focus on a task.
  13. Video Games – I bought a Nintendo Switch Lite to focus on.
  14. Cut Out Caffeine – No Alcohol, coke or caffeine, you can do this.
  15. No Smoking – It’s a drug, you may think it’s relaxing you, but it’s not.
  16. No Swearing – Avoid swearing as much as possible.
  17. Sleep – Can’t sleep, don’t sweat, plug some headphones in and chill.
  18. Breath – Google Wim Hoff, breath slowly, focus on every single breath.
  19. Time – Take each day as slow as you want to, don’t worry about time.
  20. Believe – Most importantly, believe, remember #anythingispossible.

Really hope you find this useful, one thing I didn’t put on the list was to avoid any sort of medication you can, I know it’s tough, I can tell you know I came so close to needing a pill but I didn’t, exercise and coping strategies was my drug, if you can do this and you will, your anxiety will significantly reduce, just like it has for me.

Big hugs,



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