Self Isolation Week 1: All Sorts Of Exercise

Yoga, Tai Chi, Tabata, Boxercise, Shadow Boxing, a 2 mile run in the garden, I couldn’t have done anymore forms of exercise this week. Yep, it’s week 1 of coronavirus lockdown and it’s been the hardest week of my life due to my anxiety, click here to read my previous blog.

Look For The Positives

It’s so important to look for the positives and in my mind there’s so many. I’ve tried all sorts of new exercise which will really help me develop as a runner. I especially liked shadow boxing and boxercise, it helped me get some anxiety out. Yes, I know I’ve been hit mentally, but I still have that desire to succeed, no matter how mentally challenging it is. It’s almost as if someone’s poured a load of sand on my brain, I’ve already dug half of it out.

Me Doing The Wim Hoff Breathing Method

Just this morning I went for a 5 mile run, man it is was scary but I fought the fear, I broke it, I mean I did have to battle the anxiety of not being able to breath when I got home, the fear of breathlessness is awful, which resulted in me lying on my bed for an hour before I was able to write this, but I did it, my brain’s beginning to re-tune.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing is so important, obviously in everday life, as well as when your battling anxiety as when you’re running too. I’ve never had to rely on breathing so much in all my life. One technique that really stood out, that I think you should really try yourself is the Wim Hoff method.

The Wim Hoff method’s aim is to get as much oxygen into the body in the shortest time possible. This will significantly help you if you’re struggling with anxiety or if you’re a runner. Do a quick Google and he’ll come up.

To do the technique, begin by breathing in fully from your stomach right to your head, then release, no hesitation. Do this 30 times then rest for 2 mins, try and hold your breath if you can for the rest period, then repeat another 30 times, then rest for 2 mins and another 30 times then rest for 2 mins. You’ll feel amazing, light headed, tingling in your fingers but that’s okay, when you rest you won’t be breathing as your body doesn’t need any more oxygen. Sit there and meditate once you’ve done it, do this and you’ll soon see a difference.

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