My First Running Group!

I did it, I organised my first ever running group and led the group to run 5k! I learnt so much from the run, it’s amazing how good running can feel when you run with no pressure, no time, just you and others to talk to.

When We First Arrived

I have to be honest, when I first arrived at Middleton Cheney Library I really thought nobody was going to turn up. Me, my mum, her boyfriend and my brothers were literally about to go until we saw some people arrive. It was amazing when I saw faces, setting up my running group suddenly felt worthwhile, I was inspiring others to run and beat there mental health. In fact, it was the longest some of them had run in a long time, incredibly my Mum even ran, just last year she couldn’t even walk due to her Transverse Myelitis, let along run, it was amazing to see!

A Sense Of Connection

When we started running, I wasn’t sure how fast to run, I know I’m a lot fitter than the average runner so I was careful not to go steaming ahead. Once we got going though we started talking about all sorts, I suddenly completely forget I was running and started talking, confidently as well, about my running journey and my life. It was amazing being able to share my journey whilst running, just having someone there with me whilst I run with no pressure, just the outside world and the time passing by was incredible.

Want to Join Me On My Next Run?

If you’d like to join me for a gentle 5k run and a chat on a Sunday morning at 10am, join me on Sunday 8th March for next run. We’ll be meeting outside Middleton Cheney Library at 10am, I’d love to see some new faces, happy running! Join my Facebook Group and I’ll let you know any updates!

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