Managing My Mental Health

Sorry to start of on such a negative note I’ll chip in with a few funny bits, it’s been a tough week, first I get struck down with a cold that felt like I had coronavirus but I’ve still battled through, I can hardly talk as I write this, if you could hear me right now I sound like some sort of automated robot machine. Then I have another car accident, but that left me taking calls which I struggle with, in fact my name is “Danielle” now not “Daniel” according to my latest call, I’m not turning female just yet.

Anyway, now to the good bit, I can’t wait to run tomorrow. Clear my head, get rid of the last bits of cold that’s rattling around inside my throat, forget about everything that’s happened in the past week, it’s almost as if my head’s floating on top of my body. 15 miles tomorrow, fresh air, birds, squirrels and pigeons all around me, amazing sunrises, scenery, what’s not to love about running, the best drug in the world. If you’ve read my blog “Running Changed My Life“, you’ll know the benefits running can give you and I’m giving you the chance to join me. Introducing Run Talk Run Banbury…


Run Talk Run is an organisation set up in London by Jessica Robson, they have groups of people who run up and down the country, but running isn’t the main reason they meet, it’s to help their mental health.

If you want to feel free, get rid of that clutter that’s going around inside your head, come down and join me for a run. We’re running 5k, now when I say we run, we run as slow as the slowest person at the back, so there’s no pressure. I’m setting up this group to help you manage your mental health, running is my second priority.

Join me on Sunday 23rd February at 10am outside Middleton Cheney Library, that’s Main Rd, Middleton Cheney, Banbury OX17 2PD. We’ll be running at other times thereafter too, I’ve also set up a Facebook group so I can update everyone on any changes. Let’s do this, let’s change your life! #anythingispossible

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