Make Your Year Run RED

Congratulations, you’ve done it, RED January 2020 has officially ended, you’ve ran or exercised everyday this month! But how are you feeling? Great, amazing, the best you’ve ever felt or could it be that you didn’t enjoy it one bit, you struggled, couldn’t breath, got sweaty and really hated it, you only signed up because you were doing it for charity.

The Best Is Yet To Come

If you found RED January hard it was because you’ve just started, RED February will feel a little easier, RED March will feel even, even easier, RED April will feel incredible, don’t ask me how good RED May will feel, AMAZING! Believe me, if you’re just starting out running, I was you once, I really found it difficult and I still do to this day, but I somehow find that energy, that importance to get out, get moving and get that runners high and feel on top of the world.

Don’t Run Every Day

One thing I want to make clear is that you don’t need to run everyday, there’s all sorts of activities you can do, cycling, swimming or simply walking, even more important make sure you have some rest days.

Be Kind To Yourself

Rewarding Myself With Dairy Milk Whole Nut

Also, make sure you reward yourself, say to yourself “If I run 6 miles today, I’ll reward myself with a chocolate bar tonight”. Be kind to yourself. I ran 20 miles yesterday so I rewarded myself with a bar of Dairy Milk Whole Nut. If you’re kind to yourself, this will give you the motivation to get out the door next time around.


Lastly, it’s something I go on about throughout my blog, believe. If you believe you can run, you’ll do it, running is a mental game. If I say to you, go and run a marathon right now and I’ll give you £500,000, would you do it? Of course you would. If I say to you, go and run a marathon now and I’ll give you £50 would you do it, I would and it’s that mindset you need to adapt. Don’t look at the prize, look at the benefit you’ll get from running that distance. You’ve never ever run a marathon before so if you were to do it on the spot, which you would, you’ll feel incredible, on top of the world, amazing, you’ve done it plus you’ve got £50 in your back pocket. I’m not saying go and run a marathon just like that, build it up slowly but if you believe in yourself it becomes much easier.

PS Congratulations in advance on your RED 2020!

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