The National Running Show #BestDayEver

I’ve just got back from the National Running Show at Birmingham’s NEC. It was amazing, literally if you’re a runner I really recommend it next year. The talks, the stands and most importantly the FREEBIES! Here’s everything I got below including free porridge, a t shirt, a copy of Runners World, a ton of NUUN and a goody bag filled with goodies courtesy of Runderwear!


To be honest when I first arrived at the show I wasn’t sure if it would be any good, I knew I had to approach stands and talk to people, not good if you have Aspergers but with a little confidence, I did it more and more. I come across Steve Cram talking about belief, everything he said was exactly how I would have worded it, you see everyone passing their driving test and they succeed so you expect to succeed so why don’t you feel the same with running, you see an elite runner and think that’s impossible but if you believe, anything is possible just as I believe, take a look at my previous blog on this.


It was amazing to meet @TheRealMelHeale, to be able to meet a Twitter friend and bring my community to the real world was incredible. I realised how similar we are as runners, before arriving at the show I noticed how many people were choosing to take the steps instead of the moving platform or elevators. It’s our way of thinking, I just love it. I listened to an amazing talk from Jessica Robson from @runtalkrun who had the guts to go on stage and talk about her experience suffering with bulimia and depression. I’m hoping to launch my own Run Talk Run group in the future, look out for it!

Running Is Not A Solo Sport

Eilish Mccolgan made a surprise guest appearance at the show!

Lastly, running is definitely not a solo sport. We’re a community and it’s a community I want to keep on growing, together us runners, we’ll change the world! πŸ‘πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈβ€

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