Read This And You’ll Never Get Sick

Cold, flu, sickness bug, I hear people complaining that they’re ill all the time, but the truth is they’re not. Just because you’ve got a runny nose or they’re suffering from a stomach bug, they’re not actually ill, they can breath, walk and eat, it just might end up coming out your mouth in a few hours later 😂 but you’re not actually ill. In this blog I’m going to explain to you how by changing the way you think, you’ll never be ill, combine this with running and exercise and I think you’ll never ever see a day sick.

My Mindset

Everyone’s being told to be careful in life, don’t do this, don’t do that, but the truth is, do it. Break the conventions of society or in other words the default mindset, if you feel you can do something do it, don’t look back. Think POSITIVE.

This is exactly how my mindset works, last night, I went out for a 7.5 mile run around my village. I had a chesty cough but I felt okay, I could breath, I could walk, most importantly I could run and the best bit, I felt better. When they say running is the best drug in the world, they really, really mean it.

If you change the way you think, you’ll never be ill, you’ll be more confident and you’ll live your life to the full. I’ve never had a day’s sick since the day I started my job, that’s because when I am sick with a cold, I just forget about it put it to one side and carry on, it’s about not thinking negativity. As soon as you get ill you think, oh no, is this the end of me? But the truth is you’re being told this by the media. The constant adverts we see on TV telling us to take this medication it will make you feel better. Dump the medication you don’t need it unless it’s life saving medication. If you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, stop relying on a pill to get you through the day, think positive and you’ll change your life.

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