I Love My Running Community

I admit it, when I first launched this website I thought it would be the same old story, it would get about 2 people read it, I’d get bored of it and stop writing. How could I have been so wrong?

Since launching my website at the start of November I’ve had over 1,500 people read it. I’m getting people from across the planet being inspired by me, an ordinary runner from Oxfordshire who somehow has managed to inspire the nation. All I’ve done is lose weight and start running, how am I inspiring people?

The reaction to my blog has been amazing. As you know I have Aspergers, which means I, as me, find it difficult to communicate, therefore I don’t have any friends. Since starting this blog and my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube page, I suddenly feel I have loads of not just friends but support from the running community. I know, it’s virtual support as many people would say, but you’re real people, real people who’ve I’ve inspired to change your life. I’m able to tweet my latest run, post it on Strava or Instagram and get an instant reaction from the people who get running. Sadly, my Mum’s the only one who’s had experience running in my family, I keep going on to them to start running or even exercising, but they just don’t get it.

Having a huge community of runners behind me is amazing, literally incredible, it’s the best feeling in the world, maybe even better than the runners high. I hope I can continue inspiring you as much as you’ve inspired me, let’s inspire the world together. #AnythingIsPossible

One response to “I Love My Running Community”

  1. Love you too Dan! Keep writing, and keep running! -Megan (@cltmegs)


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