What If You Were Told “You Can’t Exercise For 30 Days”?

“ARGHHHH”, that’s what would be running through my brain if I was told I couldn’t exercise or run for 30 days. Most runners would agree with me, not exercising for 30 days would be awful, you’ll lose your mind. Not being able to get your heart pumping, blood flowing and get rid of that excess fat you put on the other day, due to that recent trip to Ronald’s McDonalds.

  • Exercising or running however allows you to be free, breath fresh air, relax, be happy, put your worries to one side and feel alive. After all there is “misery in madness”, just ask any runner.

This morning I went for a 7 and a half mile run around my village. It was dark,cold there was driving rain, a ton of wind, enough to blow over a dozen elephants in fact and the conditions were pretty damn awful…. to a non-runner.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

See if you’re reading this as a non-runner, you’re not looking at the bigger picture, yes there might be rain, wind and the dark to battle with, but once you’ve battled with it, how good do you feel? What’s the worst that will happen too, you’ll get a bit wet, it’s a bit of water, it’s too windy, that only makes you run even more rewarding as you’ve worked harder, it’s cold, you’ll warm up once you get going, it’s dark, wear a head torch you’ll see everything. Not just that, running in these conditions improves your immune system, I don’t get colds as I’m breathing in cold, fresh air consistently as a run. Not just that I’ve ran first thing in the morning, so I know If I can deal with those conditions I can deal with anything thrown at me throughout the day. It’s this kind of feeling I’ll be craving if i was told I couldn’t exercise.

So, let me ask that question again, what if you were told you couldn’t exercise for 30 days?