Planking For Planksmas

I’ve never thought of planking before. I knew about it and the benefits of doing it but didn’t think it would benefit me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Each day I’m getting stronger and stronger and I can feel the strength coming through as I’m running. The stronger my core gets, the stronger I can climb up hills, push through on the final stages of a marathon or simply drive forward of the flat. Here’s what I’ve been following throughout December.

Thank you to @holrunning, @Steeleybobs, @TheRealMelHeale, @MelindaHoward4, @runsfordad, @xinaevans and @TheRealMelHeale who’ve helped me through Planksmas. I definitely recommend it to any new or experienced runner, core strength is so key to becoming a better runner and I know realise that. It’s especially important as you get older.

Day 27 of Planksmas

I’m now on day 29, having planked for 2.45 seconds I’m starting to really feel the benefit. I ran my fastest Half Marathon last Saturday, 1hrs.37.33 smashing it by 20 seconds, I fully believe it was due to my planking.

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