2019: My Year In Running

Well, what a year in running it’s been for me. Ultimately if I had to look back and describe 2019 in a few words I’d describe it as the year I started marathon running, the year I pushed myself to the limit, the year I inspired others to change their lives, think differently and start running. Remember, anything is possible.

The Challenge

I started the year knowing I was going to run my first ever marathon, the London Marathon. I knew it was going to be one of the toughest runs I’ve ever ran, the furthest in fact, 26.2 miles. Before then I had always said to myself I’d never run a marathon, I used to tell myself that the distance was too far, it was impossible, it was crazy, it could kill me. 12 months later, I’ve ran two marathons, London and Bournemouth and have signed up for Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon in May 2020. I know you must think I’m mad, but I can assure you I’m not.

The Highlight Of 2019

“I was so emotional I nearly started crying.”

Crossing that finish line during the London Marathon. Approaching Embankment around mile 22 I could feel it getting tougher. I was so emotional I nearly started crying. I wanted that finish so badly, I didn’t even see Buckingham Palace when I ran past it. It was a day I’ll never forget.

The Toughest Run

I thought London Marathon was tough, Bournemouth was another beast entirely. I thought it was be pretty flat being by the sea, but I couldn’t have been anymore wrong. Approaching mile 17 there was an enormous hill I had to climb which sucked the life out of my legs, making the trek to Poole and back in the blistering heat whilst running on sandy surfaces, extremely hard. But I pushed and pushed and finally finished in 4 hours, 5 minutes.

Looking Ahead To 2020

2020’s looking exciting, I’ll kick off the year with the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Half Marathon in February, then it gets tougher with a 15 mile, hilly run around Banbury before I head to Liverpool in May for my first marathon of the year, the Rock N Roll Marathon. Everyday I can feel myself getting stronger, I’ve been planking every morning for #Planksmas whilst I’m treadmill running a lot more and can feel my pace getting faster.

2 responses to “2019: My Year In Running”

  1. Great work!!! Hope 2020 is amazing!


  2. An inspiration to us all. Well done and good luck for next year and hope you don’t get any injuries. Love Nanny.


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