Run Up 2 Christmas

Just a short post to let you know my next challenge. I’ve never run a virtual run before so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s Run Things, Run Up 2 Christmas.

I’ve pledged to run 50k, that’s 30.6 miles between the 1st and 25th December 2019. I’m hoping to run more than this throughout these dates but we’ll see. Don’t forget to follow my progress on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and of course this blog!

Sunday 1st December 2019

I kicked off Run Up 2 Christmas with a slow and steady 5 mile run (Psst… I had run 15 miles the day before, so I had to be careful). Anyway, it was a slippy one, turns out I’m good at running on ice! 😂⛄️🎅

Thursday 5th December

It’s been awhile since I last ran on the dark, I don’t really enjoy it, I always feel I’m going to slip over so I tend to be slower. Anyway I smashed 6 miles, taking me closer to my goal.

Saturday 7th December

Just finished 15 miles! It was a tough one mentally as I can feel I slight pull from the back of my knee, I came back and it feels okay now. Guess what just 1 mile left until I hit my 50k target for Run Up 2 Christmas!

Sunday 8th December

A nice slow tempo run saw me hit my target in just 7 days! 34 miles ran so far, can’t wait to see what my medal will look like. Hopefully I’ll run 100k this month!

Wednesday 25th December

I ran an amazing 150k in December and my medal’s arrived! Woo hoo!

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