Run Silverstone Review

I did it, my last race of 2019 is complete, what a year it’s been. I started the year running the Vitality Big Half, then the London Marathon, Leamington Half, Bournemouth Marathon and now Run Silverstone.

The Course

Being an F1 track, you’d expect the course to be pretty flat but sections of it are quite hilly, especially over the bridges. If you’re looking to get a new personal best, you will have a strong chance, if you pace yourself properly. Don’t start out running too fast, this is what made me slow down towards the end. I finished with a time of 1hr 40 minutes, well 1hr 38 minutes, the course was 13.3 miles so it was slightly longer than a half marathon. Overall I placed 336th out of 2,000 runners.


This is what let’s the race down. There is very little crowd around the Silverstone circuit. There’s only a few moments where crowd appears but as many areas aren’t accessible to the public, the route is very quiet.

Crowd rating – 4/10

Goody Bag And Medal

The goodies you get at the end of the race are pretty good. The only thing I didn’t get though was a bag so it was difficult carrying all my goodies back to the car. The medal itself is in the shape of a tyre, I really liked the glittered letters in the medal. Take a look at everything I got below!

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